Christa Grace-Warrick

Christa Grace-Warrick is the principal of Grace-Warrick Communications Ltd. She is president and owner of Island Tides Publishing Ltd and publishes and edits Island Tides, the Canadian Gulf Islands and Strait of Georgia regional newspaper. She also owns and creates material for her YouTube channel, IslandTidesTV.

Her sense of humour, tenacity, and flair are matched with strong skills in organization, strategy, leadership and team building. A major focus of her work for the last thirty years has been public information and education in an idyllic community of islands in the centre of the Georgia Basin. These islands are under great development pressure and residents have a strong will to create sustainable communities embracing the interest of all stakeholders. This environment has made her familiar with many issues and she deals with people from all walks of life. During the last two decades her interests have expanded to regional, national and international issues.

Christa holds a B.A. (Theatre Arts) degree and has worked in live performance as a performer, director and producer. She began her career by teaching in the Ontario public school system for ten years. After completing her M.A. (Communications Arts) at The International College in Los Angeles, she moved into the fields of event management and public education, designing and creating an interpretive exhibit at the Vancouver Museum in 1985. She then organized and coordinated the on-site ‘Expo Ernie’ program at Expo’86 in Vancouver.

To her work in publishing she brings skills in all areas of communications: public education, event design, management, promotion, and presentation; and broad experience in writing: creative, technical and reportage. She is conversant with all types of media and has lifelong experience in print, live, and video presentations.