Gulf Islands’ Company of Place

This is an idea for Gulf Islands prosperity that I developed three years ago. It hasn’t gained any traction yet, though not many people have seen it. It deals with the business problems of succession and economies of scale and the new power of cooperatives and Community Contribution Companies. I hope that posting it here will inspired some business folk and enlightened backers to take it further. Contact me if you are inspired by it — Christa

WHERE: SGI, Mid-Islands, North Islands

WHAT: A consortium of key established small businesses of as much diversity as possible. The over-arching entity would be a Community Contribution Company, eligible for RRSP and other investment capital.


Fast return businesses provide cash-flow for slow-return business

Bookkeeping, taxes, financial inter-support


Purchasing infrastrucure services (telephone, internet, power) at advantageous prices

Purchasing goods at large quantity discounts

Job diversification

Job Training

Worker family support, benefits, creches, flex hours, affordable housing

Start-ups: company can lever patient capital to initiate businesses

Entrepreneur training through working and through specific training programs

Operating on a scale which can deal well with credit unions etc

Support, real and in spirit, from shareholders outside the operations.


On the Islands, there are a number of well-established, well-loved business with good hard-working leadership but, 20-30 years-in, these folks would like to hand over the reins. Often these businesses were created by bootstrapping over many years of hard work and they are their owners’ retirement fund.

However, at this time, selling islands businesses as single enterprises is not easy nor does it assure the future success of the enterprise.

Starting such single businesses from scratch is not economic nowadays, especially if they involve land and material holdings. A co-operation future builds on the past and creates a vibrant future.

There is a revival of inter-Island awareness which lends well to a company operating across islands creating an economy of scale.

Christa Grace-Warrick, 2013



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