A multi-media outlet—more ways to get Island Tides news – July 11, 2016

While looking at my new Knowledge Network TV program guide, I read, in CEO Rudy Butignol’s editorial that, nowadays, the BC independent broadcaster see itself as  ‘curating’ its programming. That word rang bells for me, as this is exactly what Island Tides has been doing for a quarter century. I look at what’s going on, what people are writing about, what’s not getting into print, and think hard about which bits need to be in print for dozens of reasons. I choose what I think fills the gaps in other news sources and what will resonate with west coast readers. Island Tides reflects back to ourselves (and the world), what it is that makes the west coast’s islands, big and small, such a special place to live.

I work hard at presenting news items briefly so we can cram them in; many more that you would find in most newspapers. I think people actually like getting news briefly—they are in the loop despite their busy lives. I’m not a big fan of magazine-style puffed-up articles—I find myself scanning through paragraphs after paragraph looking for the crux of the article.

Through the space constraints of newsprint, there hasn’t been much room for opinion or a publisher’s editorial. So, on Canada Day 2016, I created this blog— which will be a wide-ranging commentary. You can ‘follow’ me here and you will get an email notification of new posts.

Each month at http://www.islandtides.com, twenty thousand online readers read about islands, islanders, their concerns, their businesses, and about the coast, and our country . Not to mention our impressive, searchable, archive following the fourteen years of news.

At http://www.islandtides.com, we have Priscilla Ewbank’s Islands Almanac. It’s a round-the-years read about the happenings of living on a small island. You can find it by going to http://www.islandtides.com, clicking on ‘Back Issues and Reprints’ in the top bar, sliding down to the botton of the left column to ‘Islands Almanac’, and clicking on that—you are away to a heartwarming read.

For a bit of newsfeed, our Twitter handle is @islandtides. You can follow @islandtides to receive our tweets about news in the current edition, coastal updates, and retweets of things we think you would like to read.

I am also creating more mini-docs for Island Tides TV, our YouTube channel. I can think of endless topics, places, and people from the coast to capture on video.  Finding the time is the first challenge. View our first few mini-docs at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpHSICQ3g-j80R63ZmG2Ljg.

So a multi-media future it is for our well-loved brand, Island Tides.



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